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We do not sell cheap, imported, poor quality chicken coops, as sold elsewhere in places such as some pet shops and online EBay. (usually coloured a similar distinctive orange/brown colour). All our coops are hand made here in the UK by experienced craftsmen using only grade A materials and with plenty of attention to detail.

Many of the imported coops flooding the market are mass produced in China and although are very cheap they are simply not built to last or to withstand the UK weather. Unfortunately it is also common practise for the sellers of these coops to deliberately mislead their customers into buying coops that are just too small. 

Often a coop the sellers 'claim' can accommodate up to 4-6 hens
could only safely & humanely accommodate 2 hens. Don't be fooled into buying a cheap poorly constructed coop online that is not fit for purpose. A small coop may put your hens at risk of injury or death due to overcrowding & fighting for space. They will be miserable and in turn so will you be with all the associated problems & costs.

Based on many years experience in keeping chickens the smallest coop we make & sell is 75cm wide by 100cm deep by 100cm high with an external nest box (and that's excluding any run). This provides over 10 square feet of floor space which we believe safely accommodates up to 3 or 4 average sized hens giving them a good quality of life. Its widely accepted that this amount of space is required inside the coop with 12 inches of perch per hen. Any smaller for 3 or 4 hens is very likely to eventually lead to health & welfare issues, including feather pecking. It may also result in fighting & overcrowding which can be fatal if left unchecked. Buy the right sized coop for your hens & avoid these basic problems.
Why buy a 'Willow Court Farm' chicken coop?

Firstly all our coops are totally unique, hand crafted & hand painted so no two coops are exactly the same. They have been designed by poultry keepers for poultry keepers. As we have kept poultry for many years ourselves we have been able to design a range of coops that look fantastic but are also practical and easy to use making keeping chickens simple & fun. They are exclusive to us & will not be found anywhere else but here, at Willow Court Farm.

Good old fashioned honest & helpful advice!
The single biggest problem to avoid in choosing a coop is to not be misled into choosing a coop that is too small or is not practical for you to use. Buying the right size coop for the amount of hens you wish to keep is crucial to the hens health & to avoiding problems. We will always only sell the right sized coop for the right number of birds. (We would however always suggest where possible, to buy a slightly larger coop than first needed so you can add one or two extra hens at a later point without having to buy a new coop. Chicken keeping is addictive & room to grow a little is very useful).

'Willow Court Farm' coops are fun, unique, individual and look absolutely fantastic... they are also durable and built to last! We only use grade 'A' materials and all our hand made coops have a heavy duty floor & roof, 12 mm minimum Redwood shiplap cladding and 45mm by 30mm rounded framing timber. Unlike many others we always use screws not nails on timber joints for a superior & stronger build quality. We also do not use cheap sheet materials at all such as chipboard, OSB or ply as these materials are not good at preventing damp or stopping water ingress. This can quickly damage a coop.

All coops come with external nest boxes to make collecting the eggs easier & then there's no need to enter the coop & disturb the hens when laying either. They have a sliding door rather than a lift up lid which is much safer against the fox but also much easier to use, especially when holding a handful of lovely freshly laid eggs.

The sliding ventilation window with shutters allows you to increase or decrease air flow & ventilation yourself when required. You're able to keep the coop cooler in summer or warmer in winter. This all results in happy healthy hens & lots of great fresh eggs each day. Remember too much heat will cause far more health problems to hens than being cold. This is one of the major drawbacks of plastic coops as they often do not allow heat to dissipate very well which then leads to overheating & can cause serious health problems. 

Each coop comes with a perching system similar to a large ladder which can easily be raised up out of the way for cleaning purposes of removed completely. Perches are important as they allow the hens to get up out of the way of any fighting & squabbling which may otherwise turn serious. It also gives them somewhere safe to sleep.

Other Important Features

. Large entry door (for you)
. 2 small slide up entry/exit doors (for the poultry)
. Lockable doors to keep Mr Fox out
. Large air vents providing good air circulation
. Large window with wire mesh screen & timber shutters outside
. Removable perches-easy cleaning
. External nest boxes with easy access sliding doors
. Strong T & G timber floor & roof
. Quality 12mm shiplap cladding throughout
. Matching runs & enclosures in various sizes.
. Pre assembled & painted option. NO DIY at all
. Untreated option to allow your own creative design 
. Unique & bespoke  chicken coops, unlike any other
. Made by hand by craftsmen
. Unbeatable value for money
. Unbeatable construction quality
. A range of deluxe chicken coops, exclusive only to us!

Our pre painted coops are hand painted here in quality long lasting & durable finishes using attractive 'Farrow & Ball' or similar colours. They will have a hand finished feel and not a factory machine made feel. All in animal friendly water based products of course, never solvent based. We also sell a untreated option if you wish to paint your own coop or building a particular colour & save some money at the same time. This option seems to be very popular.

You can benefit from free, honest, impartial advice here in all aspects of poultry keeping from choosing the coop to choosing the hens themselves and anything else that may be needed. And refreshingly, all from experienced poultry keepers who know what theyre taking about. After all, why would you buy a chicken coop from someone that didn't know anything about keeping chickens?

Our coops can be supplied fully assembled & ready to use and you can choose to have a painted or unpainted model. (Please check you have sufficient access first though for all assembled items). Avoiding missing or broken parts, poor instructions or terrible after sales service with some flat pack suppliers. And no DIY at all is required with the fully assembled & painted models. You don't need to build or paint anything, we have already done it for you... just add chickens for your own fresh eggs in the morning.

On some models we can offer a part 'flat pack' option that requires some simple assembly but usually 20 minutes max. This way the coop can be taken away on the day & also be carried through a limited access such as a garden gate & then be reassembled .

Why Buy a Timber Coop & Not a Plastic Coop?

We find that traditional well made timber coops look much more natural in a garden setting and also allow a much more aesthetically pleasing & versatile design. Plastic coops still seem to be incredibly expensive & importantly always seem very very cramped to us.

Design & colour choices are much more limited too from the handful of plastic coop manufacturers available.

Many plastic coops produce condensation which can be a serious concern & cause respitory problems with your birds. Plastic coops are often lacking in sufficient ventilation & air flow too. Some plastic coops can also become extremely hot in the summer & allow heat to build up. This can overheat your birds which can be fatal & many more birds are harmed through being too hot than too cold.

Simply put, as experienced poultry keepers we have yet to find a plastic coop that matches a good quality timber coop in terms of quality, size and affordability that are both practical & easy to use. Access with the plastic coops always seems to be very limited also.

With routine care, 'Willow Court Farm' timber coops will remain a very saleable & sought after item for years to come & can easily be de-assembled & re-assembled if moving house or selling.

Our range of stunning chicken coops & animal housing are very well made, totally individual and bespoke items that will look great & will be a real talking point. These coops will not be seen anywhere else and no two coops are exactly the same. Customers have already commented that they are the 'Rolls Royce' of chicken coops available & that they have not seen anything like them...anywhere.

Perhaps most importantly you are able to visit us & actually see our coops before buying them. We have a modest display area here in Windsor so you can see for yourself that all our coops are extremely well made & offer fantastic quality & value. As the coop will nearly always be the most expensive part of chicken keeping getting it right is very important. Get it wrong and you may be buying twice.

Buy from Willow Court Farm and you can buy with confidence!